NEW TECHNOLOGIES   Digital Counterculture (web, mobile, content in radical change)     Digitalisation of Life & Work   IoT    Wearables    Quatified-Self      Social Media Engagement    Big Data    Online Luxury   Online Fashion     Sensor Networks     Drones and other emerging technologies affecting architecture and urban development

INSPIRATION    Attracting More Women into Tech     Entrepreneurship      Finding Inspiration for Creativity

INVESTMENT      Funding Film and Animation Projects     Brands Investing in Film Content     Attracting Angel and Seed Investment to projects     Growth Strategies     Advancing and Preparing an Exit

DESIGN     Solving Problems with Design Approaches     When Software Met Design: the triumph of UX over Code

CORPORATE FORWARD THINKING     Re-engaging customers via digital environments     Becoming Small Again: the rebirth of the new multinational     Stop Tweeting and Talk to your Customers     Making change and unstructured environments the backbone of your innovation

EDUCATION     Teaching Kids to Be Tech-Savy     Creating Digital Environments for the over-70s

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