Digital Media Group Roundtable: Artificial Intelligence – Our Future January 2018


Organised by Digital Media Group at the Stationers’ Company, the City of London Livery Company for the Communications and Content Industries whose members are top executives at media, newspapers and publishers in the U.K., Inma was invited to speak and chair a roundtable on the disruption, challenges and opportunities that A.I. presents to the sector stakeholders.

Attendees learned how AI is revolutionising the Content and Communication sector and heard from industry experts on the benefits and pitfalls of integrating AI technologies into your business.

The panel included David Tomchak, Director of Digital, Editorial at London Evening Standard; Nick Coveney, Digital Innovation Director at HarperCollins Publishers; Mark Bunting, Media & Technology Policy Advisor, Communications Chambers, Oxford Internet Institute and Jay Liu, Chief Data Scientist at Digital-Dandelion.

Written by inmamartinez

A pioneer in the mobile industry since the 2000s, Inma was part of the core data team that created the first A.I. software for mobile personalisation for the mobile WAP portals of the main European mobile operators and media companies. Since then, she has been behind the creation and launch of key technological innovations, both at startups and at large corporates world-wide. In 2010 she was appointed by the British government to serve as a spoke person on technology development and entrepreneurship at the UK Trade & Industry Catalyst Programme. She is currently focused on data analysis projects that focus on human behaviour modelling, and the detection of anomalies affecting mindsets and attitudes. Fortune and TIME have described her as one of Europe’s top talents in social engagement through technology, Red Herring ranked her among the top 40 women in technology, and FastCompany labelled her a "firestarter".

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